MoonDAO is accelerating our multiplanetary future with an open platform to fund, collaborate, and compete on challenges that get us closer to a lunar settlement.

Why the Moon?

“All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct.” - Carl Sagan

If we zoom out on the timeline of humanity, voyaging into the unknown of Space and settling it long-term represents the biggest inflection point of our civilization to date - we are incredibly lucky to be alive in this era. Space calls upon us to explore, and the Moon is the first step. Once you reach the “eighth continent” every other destination in the solar system is just a function of propellant and time. A base on the moon is a gateway to the rest of the cosmos.

Why a DAO?

Space is currently not for everyone. If you don’t live in a nation with a space program or space industry, you’re out of luck. If you’d like to own a piece of a private space company in the US, you’ll need to be an accredited investor (net worth of over $1 million). DAOs offer the ability for anyone, anywhere, to contribute and be part of a shared mission regardless of their nationality, or how rich they are. We think DAOs will scale to sizes larger than any corporation can on Earth, and be able to serve the interests of all humans on Earth - no matter their background. We are literally going to the Moon, and propagating our values into space.

The Vision

The frontier of space represents the greatest opportunity to redefine our civilization. As we step forwards into the unknown, we find ourselves at a crossroads for our future.

MoonDAO believes in a bottom-up approach, where we are united by principles of equality, freedom, pursuit of happiness, justice, privacy, decentralization of power, transparency, private ownership, sustainability, and equal access to opportunity for anyone in the world, regardless of their origin.

We aim to bring life outside of our home planet for the benefit of human prosperity to all corners of the Earth. Not for the benefit of a few at the expense of others. MoonDAO will act as a hub for scientists, engineers, artists, philosophers, lawyers, and everyday people to come together and collaborate to build an optimistic future for everyone.

MoonDAO will build, fund, and promote public goods that help humanity achieve its mission. This includes projects related to space research, exploration, education, and inspiration. We are nation-agnostic, radically transparent, bottom-up, and open to anyone in the world to own, govern, and work.