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MoonDAO Members

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Executive Branch Members



Role: @Astronaut, @Executive, Founder Discord: pmoncada X: @pablo_moncada_ Hey I’m Pablo, I used to work at BigTech but dropped out after seeing where the world could be headed with centralized control over billions of people’s lives. I see decentralization as an answer to fixing some of those problems. For the past year and a half I have worked on JuntoDAO to allow people to collectively govern their real life and digital assets with smart contacts. Basically making it easier to share things with your friends. I was also a core contributor at ConstitutionDAO (controversially, I “resigned”). Before that I worked at Waymo (Google’s self driving car), YoutubeVR, and in biotech. I mostly grew up in Ann Arbor, MI, and went to Michigan (go blue!), but I’m very culturally Spanish and lived in Zaragoza as a kid.

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Role: @Executive, Communications Lead Discord: @ryand2d Ryan joined MoonDAO in August 2022, right after the launch of Coby Cotton, motivated by the vision of decentralizing access to space. Ryan has served on MoonDAO’s senate for over a year and a half, and contributed to numerous MoonDAO projects and initiatives, including our weekly newsletter, a ZeroG adventure alongside three NASA astronauts, and has been coordinating social media and communications as part of the Executive Branch.

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Role: @Executive, Operations Lead Discord: @mitchie_mitch Mitchie joined his first project in August 2022 and shortly after committed himself to MoonDAO full-time. Currently serving within the executive branch as operations lead, he’s motivated by a nearly-religious conviction in the importance of our shared values and developments at the forefront of space exploration and blockchain innovations.

Mitchie’s background is in graphic/web design, development, and marketing, and has contributed to several projects, including the current homepage design. He’s committed to supporting the DAO’s operations as we collectively navigate the path towards lunar settlement. Mitchie represents the DAO’s Canadian presence and speaks intermediate-level French.

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Treasury Signers

Treasury signers are responsible for executing transactions on the MoonDAO Treasury. MoonDAO has a 5 of 7 multisig to execute transactions.

Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz

Socials: Discord: @pmoncada Bio: Founder of MoonDAO. Believer that as we scale in interconnection and scope, we need to scale our coherence and coordination. Wallet Address: pmoncada.eth

Mitch McQuinn

Socials: Discord: @mitchie_mitch Bio: MoonDAO Operations Lead. Wallet Address: 0xb1d4c1B9c8DA3191Fdb515Fa7AdeC3D41D014F4f

Yang Zhuxiang

Socials: Discord: @ballack Bio: Web 3.0 and DAO Contributor. Wallet Address: 0x6Ae385654CA814C5cAb3fF6a6deb420b681fE7A0

Alejandro Moncada-Larrotiz

Socials: Discord: @larrotiz Bio: Software Engineer. Wallet Address: 0x5640Ddc028f2436B5C0BA0305D2199556C1b5a95

Phillip Linden

Socials: Discord: @phil Bio: Sr. Space Systems Engineer at Planet Labs. Wallet Address: 0x6bFd9e435cF6194c967094959626ddFF4473a836

Max Dana

Socials: Discord: @zeroindex Bio: Cofounder of Arts Pool Cooperative. Wallet Address: 0x87D7276B0068ffcBA8C02781AA16484e935Bde27


Socials: Discord: @jango Bio: Founder of the Juicebox protocol. Wallet Address: 0x823b92d6a4b2AED4b15675c7917c9f922ea8ADAD

Rocketeers (Project Leaders)



Role: @Rocketeer Discord: @philiplinden Phil is a spacecraft engineer, writer, and all around space nerd. His core values are: Do Good, Be Collaborative, Dream Big, Strive for Openness, and Take Pride in Every Task. Phil’s professional experience includes R&D engineering for SpaceX (Mechanical/Reusability Engineering for Dragon Capsule), R&D engineering for Lockheed Martin Space (Electro-Optical engineer), Mission Operations for Planet Labs (Space Systems Engineer), and research for Open Lunar Foundation (Fellow).

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Moon Settlers (Project Contributors)



Discord: @xtina_korp Christina Korp is known as the Astronaut Wrangler. She is an astronaut manager, space advisor, founder of Space for a Better World and the president of Purpose Entertainment. For ten years she managed Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and launched his foundations – ShareSpace and the Aldrin Family Foundation. She produced the last five galas at Kennedy Space Center celebrating Apollo 11 and the Webby winning and Emmy nominated, Cycling Pathways to Mars VR experience. 

In October of 2021 she launched theAimHigher project to inspire people to aim higher for their dreams in spite of where they come from or what they think society dictates for them. She produces giant space themed Aim Higher artworks all over the world. She works with Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke, former NASA astronauts Nicole Stott and Susan Kilrain, Inspiration4 Mission Pilot and SpaceX astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor and Citizen Astronaut Sara Sabry, the 1st Egyptian, 1st Arab woman and 1st African woman to go to space. Christina is passionate about promoting inclusivity and diversity in space. She founded SPACE For a Better World in 2020 to highlight the ways space benefits all life on Earth and how it could be the key to solving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2023 she partnered with MoonDAO to create an exclusive VVIP experience with 3 astronauts – Apollo 16 moonwalker, Charlie Duke, NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott and NASA & SpaceX astronaut Doug Hurley. There will be more activations together in 2024.

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Discord: @damian2848 DaMian has been devoted to Web3 since 2020, focusing on blockchain architecture research(DAO/NFT/Infrastructure) and community management. In January 2022, he became part of MoonDAO’s early contributor team, working in community operations, marketing, and translation tasks.

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Discord: @flowscience I’m a molecular biologist and entrepreneur who became interested in web3 to learn more about cryptography, digital identity, data sovereignty, and decentralized governance. I’ve published peer-reviewed research articles in organic chemistry and molecular evolution of tissue regeneration in animals. I also started a commercial biotech lab out of my garage while in grad school, then went on to grow that as a successful business for nearly 6 years. I like to consider myself a highly specialized generalist when it comes to working in DAOs and startups. My formal training as a life scientist informs the majority of my interests and perspectives. But, my insatiable curiosity has helped me learn the ins and outs of every part of an organization.

I joined MoonDAO because I’m excited about the potential to establish a colony on the moon operating under the principles of decentralized governance. I’m primarily contributing to the Second Ticket to Space Sweepstakes as Marketing Lead and in a general project operations support role.

Languages spoken: English (native), Spanish (conversational)

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Discord: @social_hacker Elliot Briant, an accomplished professional with a rich background in engineering and entrepreneurship. Elliot has worked in multiple NASA missions, including supporting the International Space Station (ISS), currently serves as a Software Engineer at MoonDao. His dedication lies in decentralizing access to space, making cosmic exploration inclusive for all. An aspiring astronaut and climate activist, Elliot merges technical expertise with a profound commitment to sustainable space exploration. Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, his multilingualism fosters global collaboration.

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Discord: @fiyin Fiyin Odebunmi is a UI/UX Designer currently shaping digital experiences at MoonDAO. I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with some cool web3 companies like JuiceboxDAO, RaribleDAO, BanklessDAO, DeepDAO, and RareSkills. My design journey isn’t just about making things look good – it’s about creating experiences that people love. I’m all about that sweet spot where design meets blockchain technology, and I’ve left my design touch on various projects in the decentralized world. If you’re up for a chat, hit me up at I’m fluent in English and, when I’m not immersed in design, you’ll probably find me diving into the world of gaming.

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Discord: @gregsearch Greg holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Aeronautical Engineering, and a Master’s in Electrical Engineering. He helped early research in the Low Cost Attritable Aircraft Technology (LCAAT) program which became Skyborg. His research focuses mainly in aerospace, including: magnetic navigation, laser air data systems, and more.

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Discord: @justinpark01 Justin “JP” Park is a space and open-source evangelist with Master’s degrees in aerospace management and computer science from the International Space University and the University of Iowa, respectively. He worked as an intern at the NASA Ames Research Center during his tenure with Accenture and more recently as an associate for Booz Allen Hamilton at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. He was a volunteer editor for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) for five years and in 2017, gave a TEDx talk on the emerging commercial space economy. His companies, Intergalactic Education and Intergalactic Entertainment, have developed over a dozen space-themed mobile applications. He currently has the role of Moon Settler at MoonDAO, having represented the organization at ETHDenver, DC Startup Week, and the International Astronautical Congress in Baku, Azerbaijan.

JP grew up in the United States but also speaks some French, having lived in Strasbourg during his post-graduate studies, as well as conversational German, having spent six years living in Zug, Switzerland. His interest in digital currencies predate bitcoin. He was an early investor in the token and spent several years mining Ethereum before converting to staking. He fervently promotes international space policy, the blockchain, and God.

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Discord: @larrotiz Hi! I’m Larrotiz and I’ve been a contributor for MoonDAO since its inception. I mostly help out as a developer on various things around MoonDAO. My background is in software engineering with experience in many areas such as smart contract development, front and back end development, and high performance low-level development.

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