Don’t Can’t Be Evil

All our finances are public. All our work is done in an auditable and transparent way on our MoonDAO official communication channels to the extent permitted by law or operational security of its members. All our code is open source and readable by the public. Everyone has access to the same information to ensure everything is auditable and the community has full access to the state of the DAO.

Experimentation and Exploration

MoonDAO aims to create a culture that encourages direct experience of the unknown. We encourage novel research and curiosity-driven projects that give us new information about our place in the universe. This not only includes experiments in space, but also in governance, incentives, and using new technology to help people collaborate in new ways. We reward risk takers and encourage people who think differently.

Abundance Mentality

In everything we do, we aim to create positive sum games so that everyone wins, not just a small group at the expense of others. This means our output is open source, in the public domain, and a public good. We compose, rather than compete. This means no premine of tokens for projects, no special access to particular groups on the basis of nationality or financial means, and everyone has the same level playing field to cooperate and win with us. We give open access to our work to anyone in the world, and let anyone participate in the future we want to create, no matter where they are from or how much money they have.

Community First

We are a community, not a company. We never intend to be a company. No one voice can trump the DAO’s will. All leaders in the DAO are servants of the community. We invest in our members and give them opportunities to grow with the DAO for the long term. We give priority of work to our community members first, over mercenaries outside of our organization. We give the community real power, and discuss everything openly, letting the best ideas rise to the top, bottom up.

Long Term Focus

We play long term games with long term people. We keep our eyes on the horizon, and always strive to make decisions that make us stronger in the long term, even if it means short term sacrifice. We invest in the long term growth of our community.

A Home for Dreamers

We are here to do what others think is impossible. No goal is too crazy, ambitious, or outlandish. We embrace dreamers. If there’s a plan, we will hear it out and keep an open mind.