Chris Rabotin — blue ghost, capstone Ramon Blanco Maceiras — avs. missions that are exploratory, fusion, space, lunar etc Ahmad Byagowi (ah-med) — time sync in data centers Rachel Williams, Jacob Malthouse greg, phil, @pmoncada

need a SAM account → open lunar has one (we think!), avs does too if 3-pager is accepted, need to execute 10 pager within 30 days

combination of providers and users would be useful to bring in reps for direct users to bring insights (intuitive machines? capstone? firefly?)


On Ramon’s point, we should look into the payloads that are flying on the CLPS missions. I believe that almost all are scientific payloads, with the exception of the LuGRE payloads that try to do GPS at the Moon


fwiw my 2c are apply and if you get selected it’s a good problem. :D my sense is that this is a fundamentally enabling technology that is aligned with what they’re looking for and whatever OL can do to support we’re behind you!

how can we make lunar systems feel like they’re in leo? how can we enable satellites to work at the moon with minimal modification

  • we have all these things in leo, can we make it a smooth transition to make those work on moon?
  • can we actually make satellites think they’re in leo?
    • like sat to phone — phones thinking theyre talking to a tower but actually talking to a sat

what do you get when yo uhave precise time

  • reduces need for information to go around. reduce handshakes and get consensus
  • consistency, availability, latency — pick two.
    • earth to moon, latency is ~seconds
    • every element involved requires thesse handshakes, etc. increases quadratically

we can identify the real problem — if i have a clock, how can i do things better encourage people to think about assuming have time end to end


  • make a planning doc (copy from rachel’s) as google doc →