MoonDAO Entities are the easiest way for you to create an onchain organization and start contributing towards a lunar settlement.

Are you…
A new startup that wants to receive funding from MoonDAO? Or an existing company that wants to hire from MoonDAO? Or a nonprofit that is seeking support from MoonDAO? Or a small project you want to start for fun with other people with support from MoonDAO? Or a group of existing MoonDAO members that want to organize onchain?

Do you want to… Receive discounts for the most used DAO tools? Operate with the most sophisticated and secure DAO tools? Manage your treasury and funds in a decentralized and secure way? Manage your organization onchain? Easily receive funding from MoonDAO and participate in its construction?

Then look no further! MoonDAO Entities can help you today!

What is a MoonDAO Entity?

MoonDAO Entities are a yearly subscription service that gives you:

  • Control over a self-custodied Treasury that you can add other people onto.
  • Administration of permissions within your organization:
  • Create roles for your members. You can get creative and make your organization however you’d like.
  • Discounts on onchain legal incorporation within the Marshall Islands. If you don’t have an existing legal incorporation, this allows you to know you are running your organization within the laws of a sovereign nation.

How do I create an Entity?

Creating a MoonDAO Entity is simple. Simply go here and click “Register an Entity” to get started.

All you need to do is fill out your Entity’s information in a quick questionnaire, and then design your registration image using our image generator.

The image generator creates an imprint of the night sky at the moment you create your Entity and gives you a deed to your onchain organization within MoonDAO.

How does it work?

MoonDAO has created a smart contract that helps you organize with others using Ethereum. It can store and send funds easily, it can have custom organization trees, and it plugs in simply with the rest of MoonDAO’s smart contracts so you can get the most out of MoonDAO by getting funding for your work, participating in governance, or competing in prizes.

How are funds handled onchain?

Each Entity has an onchain multisig using a Gnosis Safe, the onchain gold standard for self-custodied multisigs. A multisig is simply a treasury that has a minimum number of signers to execute a transaction. You can have as many signers on the multisig as you’d like, and you can set a signing threshold to execute a transaction. To start, the Entity creator’s wallet is the only signer on the multisig, and they can add more signers and change the threshold to manage funds using their Entity management page.

How are permissions handled?

MoonDAO Entities uses Hats Protocol to handle onchain permissions. Hats creates an organization tree that is customizable. To begin the Entity’s “root” hat will be stored in the multisig, and the administrator hat will be in the Entity creator’s wallet. These permissions can be changed using the Entity management page. Administrators can change the Entity’s onchain data (like the name of the organization, bio, or adding and removing members within the org.

How long is the membership?

Membership lasts one year and can be renewed or extended on your Entity Management page by clicking Extend.