Discord: @flowscience I’m a molecular biologist and entrepreneur who became interested in web3 to learn more about cryptography, digital identity, data sovereignty, and decentralized governance. I’ve published peer-reviewed research articles in organic chemistry and molecular evolution of tissue regeneration in animals. I also started a commercial biotech lab out of my garage while in grad school, then went on to grow that as a successful business for nearly 6 years. I like to consider myself a highly specialized generalist when it comes to working in DAOs and startups. My formal training as a life scientist informs the majority of my interests and perspectives. But, my insatiable curiosity has helped me learn the ins and outs of every part of an organization.

I joined MoonDAO because I’m excited about the potential to establish a colony on the moon operating under the principles of decentralized governance. I’m primarily contributing to the Second Ticket to Space Sweepstakes as Marketing Lead and in a general project operations support role.

Languages spoken: English (native), Spanish (conversational)