Time Card and Open Time Server

authors:: Ahmad Byagowi, Sven Meier, Thomas Schaub, Ioannis Sotiropoulos, 2022 link:: doi:: 10.1109/ISPCS55791.2022.9918379


The Open Time Server has been originally conceived as a reference design by the OCP-TAP (Open-Compute-Project Time Appliance Project). It intends to provide the time synchronization service to data centers, by supporting, among others, the under-development DC PTP profile, GNSS reception, enhanced holdover capabilities, etc.Time Card is an open-source Peripheral Component Interconnect express (PCIe) card that provides time accuracy for the open time server. The Open Time Server is based on the Time Card and consists of open-source software (drivers and protocol stacks) as well as other necessary peripherals like Network Interface Controller (NIC). The entire design is open-source and available for the public. Therefore, it offers unparalleled opportunities for adapting and extending the design in a cost-effective manner. This publication explores some of the capabilities and advantages of the Time Card and the Open Time Server and concludes with the future work and the vision of the project.