If daylight saving time seems tricky, try figuring out the time on the moon

authors:: Geoff BrumfielCarmen Molina Acosta link:: https://www.npr.org/2023/03/11/1162351563/if-daylight-saving-time-seems-tricky-try-figuring-out-the-time-on-the-moon


As more robots and people travel to the moon in coming years, some researchers believe it’s time to set a lunar time standard.

  • Satellites – like those used for GPS – send time signals down to Earth. Because those signals arrive a fraction of a second later than the current time on the ground, the time difference can be used to determine a person’s position on the planet’s surface to astonishing accuracy.
  • To get accurate positions, “you need the level of nanoseconds,” he says. In other words, the different rate of time flow on the moon means that clocks on the lunar surface cannot simply be run from Earth. Instead, he thinks a set of lunar clocks will need to be created that keep a special “moon” time.