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In early 2024, MoonDAO held the Ticket to Space giveaway which aimed to randomly select one lucky, everyday person to go to space. There were more than 2,200 entries from all around the world with Eiman Jahangir ultimately winning a seat aboard a future Blue Origin New Shepard launch. This will be the second time that MoonDAO has sent someone to space, including the launch of Coby Cotton of Dude Perfect aboard Blue Origin’s NS-22 in August 2022. The first seat aimed to send a prominent content creator to space and Dude Perfect was chosen by a MoonDAO community vote. 

Full Biography

Eiman Jahangir was born in Tehran, Iran and immigrated to Nashville, TN when he was four years old. From a young age he had a passion for space and medicine. He attended Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School, Nashville, TN, a magnet school for Math and Engineering, before pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at the George Washington University, Washington, DC and then a Medical Doctorate from the University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN. He completed an Internal Medicine Residency at Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA and a Fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. He is now an Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University and the Director of the Sections of General Cardiology and Cardio-Oncology. He spends his time caring for patients, educating students, and performing research.

Eiman has a passion for science and research. During training he completed a Master of Public Health at Vanderbilt University. He then served as a National Institute of Health (NIH) Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellow (FICR-F) in Buenos Aires, Argentina studying the prevalence of hypertension in the Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay). He has since published over 40 papers in the field of medicine.

Eiman has pursued his childhood interest in human space flight over the last 15 years. He interviewed twice as a finalist for the Astronaut Candidate position at NASA (2009 and 2013). He has training in life support systems, space physiology, high-G, crew resource management, spacesuits, high-altitudes, and biometric analysis through the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences. Just last year Eiman served as the medical officer for the first analog astronaut mission at the Space Analog for the Moon and Mars (SAM) at Biosphere2 as part of the Inclusion 1 mission. He has been part of MoonDao from its inception and is honored to be selected as the second Astronaut.

Eiman believes that space is important for both humans need to explore and the scientific and technological discoveries produced in the endeavor. Space pushes humans to their limits both physically and at times emotionally, allowing us to better understand humanity. Experiences such as overview effect can lead to profound changes in a person who will hopefully return to Earth to improve life here on Earth. Eiman hopes that he can bring his experience back to Earth to encourage the next generation of scientists and explorers.

Short Bio

Dr. Eiman Jahangir was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to Nashville, TN at age four. His childhood fascination with space led him to pursue a career in medicine and space exploration. He attended Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School, known for its focus on math and engineering, before earning a Bachelor of Arts at George Washington University and a Medical Doctorate from the University of Tennessee. He completed his medical training at Boston University Medical Center and Vanderbilt University, specializing in Cardiovascular Medicine.

Eiman has pursued his interest in human space flight for over 15 years, including two finalist interviews for NASA’s Astronaut Candidate program, and dreamed about going to space. He has received training in various aspects of space exploration and served as the medical officer for the Inclusion 1 mission at Biosphere2’s Space Analog for the Moon and Mars (SAM). Eiman has been an active member of MoonDAO since the beginning.

About MoonDAO

MoonDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization with an open platform to fund, collaborate, and compete on challenges that get us closer to a lunar settlement. Our ultimate mission is to accelerate the development of a self-sustaining, self-governing settlement on the Moon. MoonDAO was co-founded by Pablo Moncada in late 2021 and was born from the wild idea that internet strangers could pool their funds together to send someone to space. 

There was a crowdraise that generated more than $8m USD equivalent in ETH during one month so it was decided that we would send not one but two people to space. Leftover funds are now dedicated to advancing space R&D projects that support our mission or other ways of making space more accessible like the ZeroG charter flight alongside three NASA astronauts (Charlie Duke, Nicole Stott, and Doug Hurley). Everything that MoonDAO does is organized and enacted by MoonDAO members through a transparent governance process and member vote approval.


Website: https://www.moondao.com 

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