Earn rewards for your unique contributions!

Whether it’s something outside the scope of projects, or an extension of them, your efforts won’t go unnoticed. Before diving in, please connect with guild.xyz to secure your Web3 role.

What You Need to Know

Understanding Gift Circles and Retroactive Rewards

A gift circle is a peer-to-peer reward mechanism wherein members recognize each other’s contributions through the distribution of ‘GIVE’ tokens. This mechanism measures the value provided by individual contributors against the total value created and distributes the rewards proportionally. We use Coordinape to manage our gift circles.

How to Contribute to the Community Gift Circle

  1. Post Your Work: Share your valuable DAO contributions in our community contribution channel.
  2. Get Vouched In: Await approval from at least two core contributors.
  3. Link your account: Use the /coordinape config slash command in the community contribution channel to link your discord account.
  4. Officially Add Your Contribution: Officially submit your contribution using the /coordinape contribution slash command. 
  5. Get rewarded: At the end of the quarter, we’ll allocate rewards in both stablecoins and staked MOONEY, which gives you more decisioning power over the future direction of the DAO.

Ways that you can contribute

  • Outreach and Partnerships: Networking, partnership development, influencer outreach.
  • Community Engagement: Event hosting, member onboarding, awareness campaigns.
  • Content Creation: Blogs, social media posts, videos, memes, etc.
  • Technical Development: Software, analytics, and fulfilling technical needs.
  • Research and Analysis: Data analysis, market research, feasibility studies.
  • Other: You can check the open job board channel for opportunities to engage with active projects, or if you have other ideas for how you can help support the DAO, let us know!

Pro Tips for Success

  • Network and Engage: Presence and consistency builds trust, and goes a long way towards deeper integration into the community. Attending events like our weekly town hall gives you the contextual awareness to understand the DAO’s needs and values. 
  • Demonstrate Impact: Clearly present the results and impact of your work with specific and measurable metrics. Work without clear results will not be considered for rewards.
  • Be proactive: Once you have a strong understanding of how you can contribute, simply start contributing! The most successful members at MoonDAO are active self-starters.

Need Help? Reach out on Discord in our support channel for any questions about this process.