Welcome to MoonDAO: Moonsettler Onboarding 

Welcome aboard, Moonsettler! As a contributor to MoonDAO, you are now embarking on a journey of exploration, innovation, and collaboration! This guide will help you on your way, and set the right expectations for contributing on a MoonDAO Project

Moonsettler Expectations

At MoonDAO we have the following expectations for Moonsettlers

🧘‍♀️ Be Present: Attend project meetings and offer feedback. We’re all remote so sometimes communication can fall through the cracks, being present helps the team coordinate more effectively.

💁‍♂️ Deliver: As long as you are delivering on the expectations set by the project lead in a timely way and attending necessary meetings, you can make your own hours and work on your own time

🤓 Learn: We have a long history and culture at MoonDAO, and we hope you take the steps to learn more about how we operate! This guide will point you to the right resources to learn more

👩‍❤️‍👨 Share: Update people on progress quickly and offer feedback as soon as you see it. Contest ideas freely but always respect each other as individuals! Post in social channels and engage the community!

Getting Started

Most information about MoonDAO can be found in our documentation, however here are some additional quick actions to take before contributing:

📰 Sign up for our newsletter Our newsletter has all the latest information about MoonDAO and will help walk you through the initial steps of onboarding into the community. Sign up here

Verify with Guild.xyz Make sure you’ll have full access to MoonDAO’s channels by verifying with Guild

👛 Send us your wallet for payments
Send your wallet address that you’d like to receive your payments. DM Mitchie (mitchie_mitch) with your wallet address (Must be an EOA address like Metamask, NOT a CEX address like Coinbase). Once received, we’ll send you a small payment to buy and stake MOONEY

🐵 Sign into the Coordinape Depending on your project, a Coordinape circle may be set up for handling reward distribution. Make sure you’re familiar with the setup and process of your circle

👋 Post in the introduce yourself channel Tell us more about your background and what brought you to MoonDAO in the introductions channel in order to get access to MoonDAO’s governance channels

📖 Learn more about MoonDAO Be familiar with our processes as laid out in our constitutiondocumentation, and the project system at MoonDAO. Let us know if something is unclear or doesn’t make sense. Those are all living documents and things can become stale from time to time.

🏢 Join the Gather Town and grab a desk Gathertown is where we co-work; Follow this link to claim your desk!

Tips for Effective Contribution

Meet with the crew: Engage with the community, attend scheduled meetings, and participate in discussions happening in our ground-control channel

Communicate continuously: Keep clear and open communication with team members

📆 **Town Hall Meetings: ** Check the calendar  At Town Hall meetings, rocketeers approve new proposals and discuss pressing matters of the DAO. Moonsettlers are recommended to join to understand the context of the organization and get involved with governance

📝 Write reports updates in the weekly-progress channel
The first ten minutes of the town hall meeting is dedicated to posting weekly progress, however you can drop your updates in at any time

👀 Keep up to date with announcements and the coworking-chat channels These channels contain important updates for the community and a working space for core team collaboration

🗣️ Post day-to-day updates in your project’s channel
Each project is initiated with a channel in our server for discussing the day to day details and progress

🙂 Be Respectful
Respect other members’ time and opinions and be familiar with our community rules

🌱 Learn and Grow
Be open to feedback, willing to improve and continuously incorporate new learnings

💻Work from Gathertown When working on MoonDAO it can be helpful to be at your desk, this makes it easier to reach out for questions and stay connected with the rest of the team.