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MoonDAO Guild Guidelines

MoonDAO Guilds are talent pools to onboard, orient, and train members to complete bounties for MoonDAO projects. Guilds are operated by Guild Stewards who are responsible for: Onboarding and orienting new members Ensuring the quality of their guild members which includes but not limited to: Interviewing their new members to ensure they have all necessary skills relevant to the guild, and provision of regular training and educational opportunities to their guild members Supporting MoonDAO projects to find the right resource and help their guild members get started on MoonDAO bounties and projects

This document includes how a guild is established and intended to work in a transparent and auditable way, guild scope of works, and how compensation will work for those guild members.

How is a MoonDAO Guild created?

1. Build an initial team.

Any MoonDAO member that meets the following requirements can steward a guild: Obtain and hold a role of Rocketeer or MoonSettler for at least one month. Proof of work is required before someone can start a Guild. Possess good knowledge and experience in their field. Successfully recruit at least 3 initial members for their guild. Be sufficiently differentiated from any existing guilds, this is subjective and other DAO members can weigh in.

Guild stewards are responsible for onboarding, orienting and training their guild members. They should act as the point of contact for the guild and manage the guild related activities.

There is only one guild steward on any given guild at the beginning. The number of guild steward may be increased overtime as the guild grows. Adding new guild stewards shall follow the guild steward selection process.

If the guild proposal gets passed, each person on the initial team will become guild members. They will be eligible for taking project bounties as well as having early access to new MoonDAO projects.

2. Find a sponsor.

A Sponsor is found from our DAO, either an Astronaut or Rocketeer. The Sponsor cannot be the same person as the steward.

Sponsors are responsible for making sure the proposal meets all the requirements needed for a guild to be properly put together. The sponsor could pull their support at any point in the process if they do not think the guild proposal is meeting the requirements. This pull of support will be recorded on the guild proposal with their reasoning, but the guild steward can always find another sponsor if he or she wishes to continue.

3. Fill out a Guild proposal template.

A google doc template is filled out (below) and with the help of the Sponsor to workshop the project and make sure it fits all the requirements. Once the proposal meets all the requirements to be put up, then the sponsor will put it up under a special channel in the Discord that only the Astronauts or Rocketeers (sponsors) can post in.

4. Present Guild Proposal to DAO leadership.

On a weekly basis the Rocketeers and Astronauts go on a call to evaluate the new guild proposals and talk about it together. The people who put up the proposal need to be on that call to discuss the guild proposal and explain it for people to get feedback. The Guild Stewards have to post the proposal at least 24 hours before the DAO Leadership meeting.

5. Get feedback from DAO leadership.

The proposal must have an in-depth review from at least three Astronauts or Rocketeers. Iterate on the proposal.

Guild Stewards can change their proposal based on feedback from the reviews. If the proposal is changed, they should notify the reviewers and they can update their scores based on the feedback. Proposals may be workshopped in this way with weekly reviews until the proposal feels good enough to move on to the next phase of review (at this point it is static and cannot change). DAO Discord vote by the senate members.

An announcement will be made by the sponsor on the Discord with the document to a special channel where only senate members can react with a Yes or No. A 70% majority in the Senate is required for the proposal to go forward to vote from the MoonDAO Member House, with a quorum of 80% required. Senate votes are one vote per member.

6. Present at Town hall.

If the proposal passes the requirement from Step #7. The guild steward will talk about the proposal at the weekly town hall and pitch the proposal to the DAO and take questions from people in the DAO

At this point the proposal is also translated into other languages and communicated to the rest of the DAO.

7. Vote on Snapshot.

After the proposal is pitched, it’s included in that batch’s weekly snapshot for approval by the DAO and the DAO can vote on the snapshot for it to be passed with 80% approval.

8. Update role and setup the guild channel on discord

Once passed, the guild steward will officially have the Guild Steward role in discord, and the initial team will be guild members.

The guild stewards then do the following: Create new guild channel for their guild, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Start here:
  2. Welcome message and induction of the guild
  3. Instructions on how to get started (sign up, introduce yourself, attend regular meetings, etc.)
  4. Official links of the guild
  5. Contact points (normally guild stewards)
  6. #Announcement (bounties can be announced here)
  7. #General Chat (for daily discussion and sharing knowledge)
  8. Setup the tests or method to ensure the quality of new guild members
  9. Schedule regular guild meetings with guild members for knowledge sharing, on-boarding new members, helping guild members to get involved in projects and bounties.

9. Progress updates.

Every month guild stewards have to report what their guild has done in the past month and what is the plan for the next month to the senate. The monthly guild report should be written with facts and figures, and posted on the guild discord channel to ensure transparency.

Guild member expectations

Everyone can apply to be a guild member as long as they have knowledge and experience in their field. They will be interviewed or put on a test by guild steward to ensure that they qualify as a member of the guild.

Guild members are expected to join and contribute to the guild related activities such as on-boarding new members, helping guild steward training new members.

Guild members have the right to get involved in bounties and projects. Once they take a bounty, they are responsible to complete the bounty on time and ensure the quality of their works.

Failure to deliver taken bounties may result in a ban from applying next bounties or even removal from the guild.

Guild steward Expectations

Guild stewards are responsible for onboarding, orienting and training their guild members. They should act as the point of contact for the guild and manage the guild related activities.

Guild stewards must provide monthly updates to the DAO on their guild’s activities at the town halls, where the community can share their thoughts, comments, or concerns with the team. The update should be written down and shared in the Discord in their own guild channel.

Guild stewards must ensure the quality of their guild members by setting up the entry test, interviewing applicants, organizing regular training and knowledge sharing between guild members.

Guild stewards should work closely with Project stewards to have an overview of on-going projects as well as coming projects so that they can introduce or allocate the right resource to project teams. Besides, guild stewards are expected to help guild members to get involved in bounties and make sure that their members complete the bounties on time.

Guild stewards are responsible for on-boarding new members, registering the addition or removal of members. Guild stewards should consider ramping up their team whenever appropriate to meet the demands from the projects.

Guild stewards are expected to have MoonDAO be a commitment in their life. They are expected to act as a point of contact for the guild and be active and responsive to make sure things move along and goals are achieved.

Guild stewards have the right to individually propose a salary. The salary shall be put in the guild proposal and get approved by the community. The salary will be reviewed every quarter, it can be increased or decreased based on the performance and workloads of the guild steward.

What are the term limits of guild stewards?

Guild stewards initially serve for one quarter, and then the Senate will vote on extending the Guild. After that, Guild Stewards will serve on a one year term. After one year, the DAO must conduct an election to find out the guild steward for the next term. Guild stewards can remain their position for multiple terms if they win the election.

How to run for a guild steward election?

Everyone who meets the following criteria can run for the guild steward election. Having the role of Rocketeer or Moonsettler for at least a month. Proof of work is required before someone can steward a Guild. Possess good knowledge and experience in their field
Being an active member of the guild and having a good track record of completing bounties.

The guild steward candidates have to submit their application including their bios, proposed master plan for the guild in next term, and why they should be selected.

The Senate will vote to select the new guild steward. Each senate member will vote for one candidate only, the one who receives the highest votes will be selected as guild steward for the next term.

Do Guild members receive rewards for work?

Guild members receive rewards by taking and completing bounties or they can join the project team to get the project rewards.

Guild stewards can propose a payment and get it approved by the community.

Do guilds have their own budget?

Guilds do not have their own budget. If a guild thinks that they need a budget to run their activities they have to come up with a proposal and go through the project proposal process. If the proposal gets passed, the budget will be managed under the project team which may consist of guild members and guild steward.

Can a guild be shut down?

If the community loses faith in a guild’s ability to execute for whatever reason, the DAO can pass a Snapshot vote to disband the guild with a 50% token weighted vote. The guild stewards will no longer receive their salary. Guild members working on bounties can still receive their bounties as long as they complete the bounties on time.

Once the guild is shut down, the guild stewards are responsible to handover all guild asset, documents and on-going works to the DAO.

Can a Guild have more than one guild steward?

Yes, a guild can have more than one guild steward, however, adding 2nd guild stewards or more shall go through the proposal process with justification why the guild needs more than one guild stewards and what are the OKRs of each guild stewards. Once the proposal passes, the selection of new guild stewards shall follow the above selection process.

How to monitor and measure the performance of a guild?

Every month, guild stewards must provide updates to the DAO on their guild’s activities at the town halls, where the community can share their thoughts, comments, or concerns with the team. The update should be written down and shared in the Discord in their own guild channel.

Every quarter, the senate will assess the performance of both the guilds and guild stewards. The assessment shall be based on fact and figures (e.g., monthly guild report). If the senate thinks that a guild is no longer necessary, it will be shut down. Similarly, if a guild steward fails to deliver his promises, then he must step down.

Every year, at the end of the term, the DAO must conduct an election to find out the guild steward for the next term.


MoonDAO Guild Proposal Template

Guild Title: e.g. MoonDAO Community guild

Abstract: This is a top level description about the idea. Please use ELI5 wording and summarize things for anyone to understand what you want to achieve.

Motivation: Describe the motivation behind the proposal, the problem(s) it solves and the value it adds. This is your chance to show why this guild is necessary, and how the it would benefit the DAO if established.

Guild Master Plan: Provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development of the guild. Go into deep detail around the work that needs to be done in the short -term (e.g., first and second quarter), and future direction. The more detail, the better.

Benefits: Point out core benefits of the guild establishment and how it will affect the DAO.

Guild Objectives:

You can write as many OKRs as you think are needed. One OKR is fine if that captures the full extent of what you want to achieve. One focused goal is preferred instead of many.

Objective #1: e.g., Translation guild may have the following objective: To create high quality translation for all MoonDAO document and project proposals

Team Table There is one guild steward and he/she must play the role of Rocketeer for at least a month. Initial guild team must have at least 3 members and they must have knowledge in their field.

Guild Stewarde.g. @Larrotiz#8888
Initial Teame.g. @enroggo @bay @kori @pablo @richard
Sponsors1 Rocketeer or Astronaut
Foreign Language Representatives (optional)e.g. @carol, luffy
Multi-sig Signers (if Budget is needed)e.g @kori @pablo @enroggo @Larrotiz @bay

Guild Steward Bio:

Guild Steward OKRs:

Objective #1: e.g. Lorem ipsum

Key Results for Objective #1:

  • Lorem ipsum
  • Lorem ipsum

Guild Steward Minimum Viable Payment (optional):

Guild members Bio:

Member #1: e.g., @username. I’m a professional translator with 5-year experience.

Member #2: etc.

Guild members OKRs are not required.