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How to Join to MoonDAO

The best way to get involved would be to attend our Town Hall meetings at 8am PST every Monday on our Twitter and introduce yourself. Our town halls are on Twitter Spaces and they’re open to anyone.

If you're new to DAOs, sign up for our email newsletter. This will walk you through how to join MoonDAO step-by-step, providing you with all the tools you need to contribute!

If you just can't wait, and you're familiar with DAO tools already, you'll simply need to complete the following four steps. They can be done in under five minutes by following the links provided:

Join now

  1. Jump in our Discord
  2. Apply to a MoonDAO Guild. You don't necessarily need to be part of a Guild to be in MoonDAO, but this is the first step to contributing towards a project or bounty.
  3. Purchase our governance token $MOONEY. There is no expectation of profit with the $MOONEY token, please check our $MOONEY token documentation for more information. This is optional, you may also complete tasks to receive $MOONEY.
  4. Stake your $MOONEY tokens for voting power. Important note: this does not consume the tokens, your $MOONEY can be unlocked after the time period ends. Connect your wallet in the “verify-wallet” channel to start contributing to MoonDAO

We also host onboarding meetings for new members, so stay tuned and find our event calendar on Discord to see all the events going on at MoonDAO.

Now as a full MoonDAO member you can:

  1. Vote on our Snapshot.
  2. Submit proposals to MoonDAO on Discord.
  3. Join MoonDAO Projects.
  4. Complete MoonDAO Bounties for $MOONEY.