Discord: @justinpark01 Justin “JP” Park is a space and open-source evangelist with Master’s degrees in aerospace management and computer science from the International Space University and the University of Iowa, respectively. He worked as an intern at the NASA Ames Research Center during his tenure with Accenture and more recently as an associate for Booz Allen Hamilton at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. He was a volunteer editor for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) for five years and in 2017, gave a TEDx talk on the emerging commercial space economy. His companies, Intergalactic Education and Intergalactic Entertainment, have developed over a dozen space-themed mobile applications. He currently has the role of Moon Settler at MoonDAO, having represented the organization at ETHDenver, DC Startup Week, and the International Astronautical Congress in Baku, Azerbaijan.

JP grew up in the United States but also speaks some French, having lived in Strasbourg during his post-graduate studies, as well as conversational German, having spent six years living in Zug, Switzerland. His interest in digital currencies predate bitcoin. He was an early investor in the token and spent several years mining Ethereum before converting to staking. He fervently promotes international space policy, the blockchain, and God.