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  • NASA NextSTEP-2 BAA opp is gone and DARPA one is here – even if we don’t actually apply, these help us structure our deliverables and organize our research
    • our research goals stay the same here
    • note that darpa and nasa’s goals are usually not the same!
      • darpa seeks to fail fast, iterate, learn. if things “fail”, they are usually shelved and saved later
      • nasa seeks a durable, working system
  • DePrize overview from @pmoncada
    • tries to make economic incentive to work fast and productively, while still retaining decentralized ethos. also hopes to sustain moondao long term
    • lunar comms is a great candidate for deprize, so is lunar settlement, isru etc
    • This could also be the start of having crypto outpace govt grants, especially for historically underfunded areas.
    • Lunar comms is poised to be a guinea pig for the first deprize while the structure is being refined
    • Adapt existing, proven mechanisms (that have integrity and lessons baked in) to crypto
    • Failed/losing projects – can they live on chain to support later work?
      • with up front funding (half now, half winner) the research is still rewarded
      • do funders still retain a stake in the submissions they voted for?
    • The “credibly neutral judge” could (should) be a smart contract or program that determines the winner based on pass/fail criteria
      • Whether the judge is a committee of humans or a program depends on the prize
      • darpa-like to catalyze capabilities — nebulous, not easily quantifiable or boiled down to pass/fail criteria
      • nasa-like to meet mission requirements — easily converted to pass/fail criteria
  • @greg Lots of new people, new ideas, new systems, etc… how do we bridge the gap?
    1. do the darpa proposal
    2. go back and pretend we submitted it to deprize first and see how things play out
    3. use the darpa thing as a baseline/reference to tune the deprize process

What are our deliverables?

  • A report, some artifact that displays command of the subject matter
    • submit to proposals?
    • or pitch the ideas to people that are better positioned to execute?
  • Something compatible with DePrize

What is MoonDAO’s contribution to the field?

  • Feels like the research papers are way deeper…
  • What can moondao bring to the industry, especially things that govt doesn’t do well?
  • Be a hub for connecting ideas and people?
    • DeSci overlay journals
    • Obsidian docs for ideas
  • What can we do uniquely to bring something new?
    • short term we could basically be a quick startup wtih web3 flavor
    • we’d miss out on more impactful things if we were taking our time

How to leverage industry players

what role do we play

  • it’s a feature not a bug to come up with the open questions and find the problems
  • the audience for us that we could help is the layperson or industry person, not the research community
    • take the complexity and the issues and translate it to be easier to understood by the decision makers.
    • don’t invent, innovate/integrate and translate it to be understood by all